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Welcome to Breaking Science!

Bringing cutting edge research to all

Free lecture series for scientists ages 10-100!

Learn about the science and technology you hear discussed on the news, from the scientists and engineers who work on the newest discoveries!

The purpose of Breaking Science is threefold:
1) To engage non-scientists and facilitate their development of scientific critical thinking skills
2) To make great science easily accessible to people in areas with few scientific resources
3) To challenge amateur and professional scientists to think broadly and deeply about fields that are not their own

We are located in the Greater Boston area and bring our lectures to libraries and other public meeting spaces. If you would like to have us come to your space, reach out and we will set something up!

In the future, we would like to be able to translate this series to other parts of the country... keep your eyes peeled for this!

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Tickets are never required, but they help us understand who the audience will be in a given night and tailor the talk appropriately!



A list of subjects we have presented in the past. Missing something? Reach out to us and make a suggestion!


Advances in therapeutics for Ebola, and the feasibility of treatment strategies for patients in Africa. Warning: subject matter may be challenging for younger scientists

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

The science of modifying DNA for the purpose of creating more favorable organisms. Don’t miss this take on the promises and pitfalls of this controversial topic!

Epigenetics and biohacking

Modifications to the proteins that wind DNA, and how that affects gene expression and ultimately our physiology. Optional subject matter includes work on epigenetics in the opioid crisis.

The true story of vaccines

The complicated history of vaccination and scientific evidence for the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Importantly, the audience will gain the skills to critically assess new claims about this class of drugs. Not a topic to be missed!

Renewable energy and the Green New Deal

How we get energy for our everyday use, and advances in clean, sustainable sources. This topic is all over the news lately; impress your friends with how much you know about it! Recent iterations of this talk have included how renewable energy fits into the Green New Deal

How gut bacteria control us

In the past few years, the bacteria that live in our digestive tracts have been found to play a huge role in everything from susceptibility to infectious disease to neurological functions. Stay on top of this rapidly developing field that's sure to affect the way we approach medicine for decades to come!

Revolutionary cancer therapies

In the past 5 years, there has been an explosion of new therapies for cancer that modify the immune system. Some cancers that were once a death sentence are now curable. Learn about what's already out there, and what promises to make treatment of this disease even better!

Proteins in 3D!

Protein is all around us, from the food we eat to the flowers we smell (and of course within us). Come learn about how proteins fold and interact in this hands-on experience. In most cases, attendees must bring laptops for this lecture.

White nose syndrome

Bats are crucial members of our ecosystem that benefit our crops, our forest, and ourselves. With the climate changing rapidly, new infections, including white nose syndrome, are emerging that threaten to wipe out bat populations.

Myths of veterinary medicine

Advertising have you confused about what is good for your pet? We’ve got a vet who’s gonna debunk all sorts of "old wives' tails" about how to get a healthy pet!

Mosquitoes and fever and malaria, oh my!

Malaria has plagued humanity for centuries, and despite all of the advances in medicine and public health in the past century, we just can't seem to get rid of it. Come learn about what makes this disease so hard to fight and what scientists are doing to fight it!
Think malaria is just a problem of places you don't live? Climate change may very well change that, so arm yourself with knowledge before it does

How to (maybe?) win the war on HIV

In the past 40 years, HIV has emerged as a deadly, highly infectious threat. Recent advances in anti-viral therapy have turned HIV from a death sentence to a manageable chronic condition in many cases, but because the virus mutates so rapidly we still have not been able to develop a vaccine or cure for HIV, despite the investment of a lot of money and a lot of brilliant minds. Could there be hope?

Amazing biology of the palcenta

"Placenta, is that an organ?!?" Despite being a critical part of the development of every human, most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about the placenta. This is a shame, as this underappreciated structure provides developing babies with all the oxygen, nutrients, and fluids they will need, and hides some really amazing secrets. Our speaker will share her expertise on the normal biology of the placenta, as well as what happens when things go wrong.

Evidence-based treatments for post-traumatic stress

The past decade has seen the development of some really cool treatments for psychological maladies that don't involve taking drugs, but this field hasn't received a lot of media attention. Come learn about novel, non-pharmacological therapies in this exciting lecture!

Nutritional immunology

"You are what you eat"
It's a saying we've probably all heard, but is there any special wisdom to it? Come hear an exciting talk about how nutrition plays a role in how we fight disease, and meditate on this while eating some healthy snacks!

The spooky science of tissue engineering

With recent advances in this creative branch of science, are we any closer to making Frankenstein's monster? Or is that just the ghost of a dream? This talk is where(wolf) you'll find out!
(Disclaimer: No promises are made on behalf of Breaking Science that the lecture will not contain horror-ble puns...)


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Thanks for your interest in Breaking Science. Get in touch with us for any seminar requests or comments regarding our lectures. We’d love to hear from you!

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